Resources for Vermonters

An overview of federally funded Vermont Broadband projects is available here. Additional information about non-VTA related broadband projects is available at  and on the eVermont Community Broadband Project website.

The VTA receives many inquiries from Vermonters regarding the future availability of broadband and cellular services to all Vermont residences and businesses. Issues relating to infrastructure and provider stakeholders, bonding, site location and regulation affect the pace of progress.

It is the intent of the VTA to be open and transparent in our processes while respecting proprietary and confidential information of the companies with which we work and which seek our assistance. This section provides direct access to records of Board meetings as well as the annual reports which give insight into current efforts that will lead to the outcomes established in Act 79.  Vermonters and neighbors in bordering states have an opportunity to contribute to the effort by  reviewing the requirements and completing the site submission form.