Permit Requirements for Towers

Providers can choose between two different regulatory environments for the permitting of telecommunications towers. The Vermont Public Service Board reviews 248a permits. The Natural Resources Board reviews Act 250 permits. To support all providers in the application process, each organization has published its own guidelines. 

The 248a process was created by the Public Service Board to expedite the permitting process for three or more telecommunications tower locations.
A Guide to Applying for a Certificate of Public Good to Build
Telecommunications Facilities That Are Part of an Interconnected Network

This guide provides information necessary for filing a complete application with the Public Service Board ("Board") to construct three or more  telecommunications facilities that are part of an interconnected network. Applicants should note that Section 248a is separate and distinct from Section 248 — under which the Board reviews electric transmission and generation infrastructure — and the requirements of Section 248, including the requirements of Board Rule 5.400, do not apply to Section 248a.

Jurisdictional Summary For Communications Facilities

Under several sections of  Act 250 (10 V.S.A. Chapter 151), communications facilities, such as towers and antennas, may require an Act 250 land use permit. If one or more sections of Act 250 apply to a communications facility project, as described below, a permit is required. Certain types of communications facilities are regulated by the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) instead of Act 250. Please read through the entire summary to determine how your project may be regulated by either Act 250 or the PSB. For additional information, please see the contact information below.