Vermont - A unique telecom opportunity

This section offers providers easy access to public documentation that supports the permitting process. Links to permitting agencies can also be found here.

Vermont Telecommunications Authority can assist in:

  • Statewide MOU provides access to state properties for equipment location
  • List of properties offered by Vermonters for carrier use - easier land acquisition
  • Support for RUS (Dept of Agriculture) loans and grants applications
  • Creating collaborative relationships with State agencies, local communities and service providers 
  • Offering bonding capability to assist the build-out in unserved areas

Simplified Wireless Permitting:

  •  Forward-thinking "network permitting" process that gives providers the option of permitting an entire network with one state-issued permit instead of multiple local zoning permits
  • Specified timeframes to receive a decision on the network permit
  • Reasonable processes allow infrastructure developers to move expeditiously though the permit process and create showcases of coverage and responsible development