Cloud Alliance (Complete)

The Vermont Telecommunications Authority awarded a $240,000 grant to Cloud Alliance, LLC to expand broadband in the towns of Woodbury, Hardwick, and Wolcott. Cloud Alliance currently offers land-based, wireless broadband in Marshfield, Plainfield, East Montpelier, and Calais.

The network is expected to take eight to twelve months to deploy, as Cloud Alliance first obtains leases and permits for broadcast locations and then installs equipment. The network will offer access to high-speed Internet, with throughput ranging from one Mbps up to eight Mbps, to more than 2000 homes and businesses in the area. Greater bandwidth will be made available by special arrangement.  

Project Update as of January 2012

Expansion of wireless broadband network at three new tower sites

Due date or estimated completion date estimated 2/2012
Geographic area Wolcott, Woodbury, and Hardwick
Project status In construction
Dollars disbursed as of 12/31/11 $240,000
Dollars encumbered Total $240,000