Northern Community Development Project

In December of 2008, VTA awarded NCIC $100,000 for the construction of three towers where fixed wireless service will provide broadband service to homes and businesses in Barnet and Bloomfield. Permits were issued for all three tower sites in 2010. Service from towers is available in Bloomfield, Brunswick, Maidstone, and Guildhall.

For current information and to learn about the LINC wireless broadband service, go to NCIC LINC.

Project Update as of January 2012


Expansion of Wireless LINC network in Vermont


Due date or estimated completion date Originally due 10/2009; Completed approx. 5/2011, except for commitment to revolving loan fund which is outstanding
Geographic area Bloomfield, Brunswick, Maidstone, and Guildhall
Project status Post-construction
Dollars disbursed as of 12/31/11 $79,445
Dollars encumbered total $80,000