FairPoint Jeffersonville - Complete

In 2010, the legislature established the Backroads Broadband program to support expansion of broadband service in unserved parts of the state not projected to be covered by the regulatory agreement between the State of Vermont and FairPoint or last-mile broadband projects funded by the Rural Utilities Service, primarily the VTel WOW! project. The VTA Board approved a funding decision on March 15, 2011 supporting awards to FairPoint and to VTel Wireless.

In July 2011, FairPoint and the VTA signed a contract regarding the activities, deadlines and outcomes of the $779,000 grant that was awarded to the telco in March, 2011. 
Project planning and engineering were completed on time. As of January 2012, the project is in pre-construction with service to be offered as of October 31, 2012. Construction of 19.8 miles of fiber optic cable and four remote terminals is set to begin in March. Some locations outside the area will also receive service from this project.

The contract includes a total of 647 locations in the Jeffersonville Target Community that will receive access to Carrier Ethernet Services which deliver a minimum combined upload/ download speed of 5 Mbps. Service will be provisioned to all addresses within the target area that do not already have access to high speed services from FairPoint.

In addition to other tiered services, new service will offer residential and business plans which provide up to 15Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload.